• Not a traditional business book, but delivered in a easy to read, enjoyable fable format

  • Real everyday work and life challenges that you’ll be able to relate to

  • Lessons to allow you to improve your relationships and results in dealing with direct reports, bosses and co-workers

  • Pays dividends in not only your work life, but also work-life balance



“Whether you are a manager who is drowning and in need of a life line, or a manager who is looking to become a leader, I highly recommend it.”

Scott Mackintosh, Director of Operations, Thomas International 

“This is not just another book or story, it is a great resource. Each time you read the story or a chapter you will learn something new or focus on a different point.”

Rob Cowan, Director of Sales, LiveGuage Inc.

“This quick read is a novel approach, with a simple formula to create a fun and engaging work environment, plus demonstrate a coaching technique that can be used in all aspects of my life. This book will leave you thinking, “I want to work there… and I’m going to start today!”

Darren Breckenridge, Global Marketing Manager, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals 

“A story rather than another dull business book. I am convinced this book is a must read for anyone challenged by the internal culture of their employer.”

Frank Bruni, President, Career Lab Inc.

“My advice to anyone looking to live life on their terms is to pick up this book; you won't regret it.”

Brian McCarthy, Senior Vice President Commercial Sales, NFP Canada 

“Rather than the traditional bullet-point, dull-as-dust approach, the authors have couched the lessons within a story line that is original, engaging, powerful...and lasting. “I Love Mondays” is a new and creative way to impart valuable leadership lessons.”

Jane Auster, Writer-Editor, EnsembleIQ

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